Solo Aquarium de bureau - 5 Gallons

  • Kit contains everything required - perfect for all ages!
  • Includes fully integrated RGBW LED lighting system
  • Remote offers personalized and preset lighting effects
  • Optimal water quality offered by multi-stage filtration
  • Aquascaping kit with gravel, plants, rocks, and stones

The Solo Desktop Aquarium Kit is not your average, everyday aquarium kit! Created by Current USA, this 5 gallon aquarium offers an elegant, contemporary design that will complement any room in your home, or office space. Besides its polished, sleek appearance, the Solo Desktop Aquarium Kit also includes a beautiful aquascape kit, an amazing LED lighting system with remote control, and an efficient multi-stage filter with pump! With everything you need included, this kit is perfect for anyone, of any age!

The aquarium itself is a modern, simplistic piece that will surely integrate into any space in which it is placed. With glare free, bevelled glass panels, and a sleek molded top, with frosted insert, its presence will not go unnoticed. The removable top insert sits snug in the rim, not obstructed by lighting or equipment you can easily access your fishy friends and their home. Its streamlined appearance lacks a hang on filter, and bulky light fixtures, providing onlookers an exquisite, seamless 360 degree view.

To keep this stunning aquatic centerpiece illuminated and bursting with beauty, the Solo Desktop Aquarium Kit features a fully integrated RGBW LED lighting system. Hidden in the upper rim of the aquatic home it remains unobstructed by glass, and maintains the accessibility of the wet dwelling. Optimized for freshwater habitats, this system is rich in features, including a hand-held wireless remote control. Discover the on-demand lighting effects that are preset, including cloud over, moonlight, storm with lightening, and more! With the controls at your fingertips you can also customize the lighting by individually controlling the red, green, blue, and white LEDs. You can even save the light settings you have created to one of four memory locations on the controller!

With an uninterrupted, crystal clear view, and beautiful lighting for your fish buddies, what more could you need? A gorgeous aquascaped setting inside your new aquarium would make the feature stand out even more! Each Solo Desktop Aquarium Kit features a complete aquascaping kit, perfect for a beginner or a novice, it has everything you need. Build your aquatic habitat just how you like it, or follow the included diagram. The kit includes 5 lbs. of gravel, large silk plants, small accent plants, a large molded rock, and a bag of decorative stones.

To thoroughly enjoy the magnificence that is your new Solo Desktop Aquarium Kit, it is important to keep the water crystal clear. Ideal water clarity and optimal water parameters are also vital to the overall health and wellness of your fishy friends! This kit conveniently contains a submersible filter, with a pump to maintain the cleanliness of your aquatic masterpiece. This multi-stage filtration system provides mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration, as well as a spray bar attachment for multiple configurations. It will efficiently clean the water while providing the petite habitat with circulation and aeration!

Kit includes:

  • 5 gallon glass aquarium
  • Molded top with frosted insert
  • RGBW LED lighting system
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Aquarium filter with pump
  • Aquascaping kit (with 5 lbs. of gravel, plants, rock, and stones)
  • 120 VAC adapter UL

99,99 $

99,99 $